Meredith Jones1-3-12 4528We are pleased to welcome Roberto Tejada, who will be reading at our May 2 Library Reading Series event. He has agreed to share some of his work with us in advance of the event.




the way I listened imageless to the simple
mind of which it is easier
from the city in spite
of me to the tongue never wholly

now, the failed and all-too-fingered flesh
around whose mouth never
to rhyme again with lips
blue eyes too pressing a matter to
be left to

the speechless power of poetry: exposed to air
as opposed to water, relinquished
listener between the line each breath
to detonate the eldritch
scream these

words to waste: who ignited my gaze,
extinguished it all
in the extravagant rain, two cracked limbs
of the felled, still falling, as yet
unfathomed tree

[from Mirrors for Gold, Krupskaya, 2006]



Lifted eliciting some
such climate this

animated open
form impassive—

were the chiseling
on ebony level to

neutralize the prodi­-
gious hammer in

charmed ignition
whose underside

fuses sand-sized
body-beads released

as pelican-reverie
in plumes over

blue over surfside
baffled by this my

signature weightless
without shade or

reciprocity of pattern
forward hover slant

into the upper zones
but at no apparent

endpoint or clef do
I cease in soft desist