Stacy_Nigliazzo_02Ten years of experiencing life as an emergency room nurse in Houston fold into into her debut award winning book of poetry. Sample what you’ll hear on Saturday, July 11, here.













I dressed her wound
after the biopsy

a scarlet braid 
laced with black thread.

She was alone, but spoke of her father at her bedside

attending a bowl of water and sand,

pulling out stars.

He pinned them in her hair
and stayed until I cut the suture.


Ad patres

I imagine 

                                                  the feathery wood                                                           

                   long after the procession,

                                                                        and the blue oak,

and his ashes

                                                            spilling over the ground



The moon        softly

            dripping  pearls across the lake.

The hyacinth folding its breast

                                            against the honeyed earth.