Brother SaidWe are pleased to welcome Cedric Ary, AKA Brother Said, who will be reading at our May 2 Library Reading Series event. He has agreed to share some of his work with us in advance of the event.








Sonnet for Ted and Matt


Two men get reaquainted at a bar

Called NJ’ays, and since it had been awhile

They discussed sports new music trends and style,

Houston traffic, comics, tattoos, film noir

Said Ted:” I finally got a new car.”

Said Matt: “My girlfriend wants to walk the aisle.”

They chuckled about their high school friend Kyle

Divorced once he returned from Khandihar

Said Ted:””They keep finding conflicts to fight”

Said Matt: “Isis, ebola, it’s  bad news.”

“All the time like Ferguson day and night ,

“The media made up racist issues.”

Young white men sipping  Shiner at NJ’s

Catching up over their cell phone displays